Cookie statement

On our website we use our own cookies and third-party cookies. Cookies are small information files that are automatically stored on or read from a visitor’s device when they visit a website. This is done via the web browser on the device. For example, your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can read more about cookies on this page.

If a website places cookies, the visitor usually has to give permission for this. What if we use cookies that do not store information about visitors? For example, cookies that only count the number of visitors? We do not need to ask for permission to do this. But we do have to say that we use cookies.

Functional cookies

Some cookies are needed to make the website work. These are functional cookies. The cookies allow you to see information about old and new vaccination appointments, for example. The cookies also help to keep the system secure. The system places the cookies when you visit the website for the first time. They become active again when you visit the website again.

Analytical cookies

Some cookies are needed to make the website work better. We call these analytical cookies. These cookies store little or no information about you. You do not need to give permission for these cookies.

GGD GHOR Nederland cares about your privacy. That is why we remove part of your IP address before we store it. That way we can see what our visitors do. But not who our visitors are.

The cookies collect the following information about you:

  • part of the IP address
  • the cookie ID. This is a random number that makes sure the cookies work properly.
  • the website you came from, such as Google
  • the device and software you are using
  • the links you use to get to our website
  • the links you click on our website
  • the search terms you use in the website’s search engine

We collect this data to improve this website. You can see in the table below exactly what analytical and functional cookies we collect and why. And how long we keep them.

Cookie nameRetention periodPurpose
_pk_id 13 monthsThis cookie gives every visitor a number. That way we can recognise our visitors without storing their IP address.
_pk_ref 6 monthsThis cookie stores information about the page you use to get to our website. Such as Google.
_pk_ses-30 minutesThis cookie gives every visitor a number. We use it to link all the visitor’s actions to the same visit.
_cfduidImmediately after closing the website This cookie makes sure that we only allow real users on our website. That is how we make sure that the website is not disrupted by fake users.
SessionId_{nr}Immediately after closing the website This cookie makes sure that the website works properly. It makes sure that your data is stored on the internet page for a short while. This is for the pages you use before you log in with DigiD. It allows you to go back to another page. Your data has not disappeared when you go back. Your data disappears when you close the internet page. The cookie disappears from your computer when you close the website.

No tracking cookies or marketing cookies

GGD GHOR Nederland does not use tracking cookies or marketing cookies. This means that we do not use cookies that follow you while you use the website. Or that analyse your behaviour. And we do not use cookies that make sure the advertisements you see are suited to you. 

What are your rights and our rights?

These are the laws that apply to how we use cookies:

  • the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • the Dutch Telecommunications Act

How do you get rid of cookies?

You can delete cookies from your computer. Use the ‘Help’ function in your browser to find out how to do this. You will also see how to change your cookie settings there.